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Randomly Generated Winner and A Carpenter’s Wheel

This was the best giveaway ever. Lots of good news y’all shared. Totally fun!!! Thank you all for participating.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 39



Kathy Boehm you win the gallon ziplock bag of my nicely sized CW backgrounds/shirting scraps!!  Your good news – you had a wedding in the family this past weekend.  Congratulations! Send me your mailing address and I’ll get these out to as soon as possible.

This came in the mail a few days ago from Siobhan of Scraps and Threadtales. Its an old block (oh… i forgot to ask the dating) she picked up while away at the American Quilt Study Seminar. Fun part of the story…

Sio posted about the block here and of course I commented on how neat it was. Then it shows up in my mailbox. It must have been on its way when she did that blog post.

So that happened and today we all wish the best for our friends and family in the path of Sandy!

Quilt Show Carpenters Wheel

Hi! I’ve got a little something here. Our local Quilt Show is happening. There’s lots to say and lots share. I took a few pictures that came out (not all) but for now I had to stop and share this one.

Since I just finished my flimsy, I thought you might enjoy seeing this variation of the Carpenters Wheel. I heart this quilt in a serious way. The border work is perfect. Just perfect.

If you click the picture and really look you can see how the block is built. It’s machine pieced with some HST’s. Totally interesting. For me, this quilt is why I go to the quilt show. To see pretty, interesting quilts. To learn. I just love that.

Carpenters Wheel/Star Flimsy Finish

We have a top! (click pic) You may recall, we tried all sorts of settings and I lived with a couple on my design wall but this is the one I ultimately went with.

It feels great to have these blocks set. I absolutely loved making them. I would take them with me for handwork on sew days and I’d stitch them in the evenings on the couch watching classic movies like I do. I’d spend some days just pulling fabrics, making up new block combos.

Those half blocks were a thing. I considered making a half block but my brain got all twisted up. Ultimately I just went for the slice and dice method. I’ll share that sacrilegious experience in follow-up post. I took photos while I was doing it.

Due to the new financial constraints I’m sorta hung up on the quilting phase. I have an idea though. I am thinking straight lines top-to-bottom in the cheddar, maybe three or four and then something simple in the blocks. We shall see.

I hope you enjoy my quilt even if you aren’t a cheddar lover.

Some Stats:

  1. The blocks are hybrid pieced. Partially machine and mostly hand-pieced using Inklingo.
  2. The cheddar is a Paula Barnes Companions 1038-0128
  3. Blocks are 12″ finished.
  4. The quilt is approx 68 x 75

Have a great day and I appreciate you stopping by to share!  *karendianne.

(ps: if you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, I’m just going to use this opportunity to say – if I can do it, you can, too!)