The Sound of Silence

Each day I start off with pretty much the same routine. News because why? Coffee because why not? and most days I exercise. But check this out. I noticed something. When stress is high I drink tea, not coffee. I guess my stomach prefers tea and no television or music. Just the sound of silence. The silence thing is new. I started sewing in silence, too. I think I pretty much like it. I think we have us a new, healthy habit!

So with that good thought, lets go do some silent sneak peaking’ in the sun.

Crosses block Kaffe

These finish at I think 9″ – maybe 12″ and they rock! The fabric and colors are fun to play with.

Winding Ways

These blocks are 6″ finished hand-pieced so you know I’m doing a little bit of that. I enjoy machine piecing and wouldn’t want to do without it. Its just that for me, there is just something about getting back to hand-piecing that settles my spirit.

I wish I could share these Winding Ways blocks on the wall but they’re not ready. Not enough to show the design. …and it’s just a quiet little sneak peak anyway, right?

Since I was able to sew a little bit yesterday, today I’m not sewing. That’s a new habit. I’m fine with it. I have lots of other things to attend to. Like this…

Cat Love

It’s just flat out embarrassing but I’m showing you anyway. This is my bedroom window/sliding door that had a curtain but it was brought down by furry residents of LeeHaven. Names hidden to protect the innocent. That’s a temporary blind and I’ll be like this for about 2-3 weeks.

I guess we’re wrapping it up here. I accidentally hit the Publish button!


24 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Karen

    Love all the blocks you show but I am wondering what is the name of the patch on your header, some kind of 9 patch obviously but I can’t remember the name and I feel like I should know it.

  2. Floss

    I sew with the TV or CD on, just so I am aware of the passing of time, otherwise I could be in the sewing room for hours and not know it. I may be OK with this, but my family is not.

  3. Jan

    I find myself wanting to work in silence too, both sewing and when doing housework. It seems more relaxing that way.

  4. Mare

    Hi Lady! I just don’t seem to sew lately so silence or not, it’s not working! too much outside interference. I think I could use a silent retreat though, with no phones, no news, no homework. I think the dreary November weather can be hard to deal with, I’d like to come visit your sunshine. I’d keep quiet too!

  5. Teresa

    I love the quiet of silence when I am quilting. When hubby is up(we share a room) the tv is always on. Silence is golden!

  6. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    it sort of depends on my mood. Sometimes I like music, or listening to a book, or listening to the Bible on my mp3, but sometimes quiet is just the thing I like most. Love your little glimpses of prettiness! (And I’m sure those oh-so-innocent ones thank you for protecting their honor.)

  7. AnnieO

    I’ve hit that publish button too early too :) Silence can be very soothing, but I have a feeling your house with all your animals is not really silent! Love the work you’re doing and really glad you’ve been able to get back to it with your wrist problem. Have a great weekend!

  8. quiltdivajulie

    There is something so contemplative about a mug of hot tea . . . far more inviting that the ‘down and dirty’ gulping of coffee (yes, I am a dedicated hot tea drinker in a world of coffee folks).

    I alternate between silence and an eclectic mix of music styles – depends on my mood and what needs to be soothed.

    Hugs to you!

  9. LoriD

    Lovely sneak peaks you are working on. I usually sew in silence and very rarely have the tv on.
    Sorry your cat is ripping up your house:)

  10. Nicole

    I love Winding Ways. I have a blue version pieced together, but needing its borders. I am looking forward to seeing your red one, because, as everyone knows, Red is Best!

  11. Rose Marie

    With so much white noise around us all the time, it feels so good to just turn everything off and listen to silence …. I’ve been doing just that for a couple of years now and I love it!

    You sure do have a bunch of interesting projects to work on. We’ll patiently wait for you to show us more. :o)

  12. Jennifer

    Oh dear……what naughty kitties! Some years ago we had to replace a curtain which was torn across in two by an over-enthusiastic cat. Love those Winding Ways blocks, and I look forward to seeing the full reveal.

  13. LizA.IzA.

    Wow!! Never thought I’d see you working with Kaffe! Sounds of silence–not for me. I’m an audio book girl, or if I’m working on something I really need to concentrate on, or read directions, then it’s music. I need background noise -silence drives me nuts. As for tea, only when my throat hurts and it has to hurt BAD for me to give up coffee. The joke around here is that I’m not conscious until I’ve had my caffeine I.V.

    Red & white winding ways…..mmmmmmm. Lovin’ it.

  14. libbyQ

    oh those naughty kitties~! ;-)
    loved seeing your blocks in the sunshine as we are experiencing snow showers today.
    i have to share some interesting synchronicity with you:
    this morning i was reading a little book by Wayne Dyer called ‘Getting in the Gap’. it’s about meditation and i’ve read it before but lately i’ve been dealing with lots of pain and i thought/hoped that a review of meditation skills might be helpful. when i read your post it made me smile because it so reflected what i read this morning.
    ” . . . take the letters that make up the word LISTEN and rearrange them so that they spell out SILENT.
    . . . the same in content only arranged to appear different from each other. When you listen, you’ll feel the silence. When you’re silent, you’ll hear at a new level of listening.”
    “. . . Listen with silence.”

    isn’t it amazing how your post is a great example of this? :-)

  15. Karen Lange

    Oh those kitties! I know they do it as a fun thing, but its not fun for the homeowner!

    Your blocks are beautiful!

    Have a great weekend.


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