Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

A Dog Loss in the Family

Early this morning my friend Brenda and I had to let go of our dog Tailor.

Jan 1999 – Nov 2012

He was a sweetheart of a dog and liked nothing better than to lay around under the table or be loved on.  He was a real wiggle-butt in true Aussie fashion. He came here around, oh… I guess 2000. Everyone loved Tailor and he was what we call an “easy keeper.”

He is one of only two dogs I’ve had out of probably, I don’t know… say 10-12, that stood his ground in protection of me and I felt it go up my spine, that is to say PRIMAL. I was having siding put on the house and there was some sort of situation that put Tailor between me and the worker. It was nothing really but Tailor thought it was. He stopped probably 10-15 ft away from me in a powerful stance with a very low growl. I called him back with a  bit of effort, which wasn’t like him. I never forgot that. As I said, this happened with only one other dog, my Belgian Malinois. Looking back I recall how shocked I was my fluffy lounge lizard would do that.

Around 2006 he was bred to a working Aussie (as you can see Tailor was all Show Dog) and out came Duke.

So Duke came to live with me as a puppy and Tailor went back to live with Brenda.

Tailor is related to lots of dogs in my family. My Dad’s dog and our friend Tom’s dog as well. Of course they’re all from the same good stock and everyone’s related somehow! Tailor was almost 14 and we lost him to nothing other than old age. He’d been sick for about 3 weeks on and off I guess.


I have to say, Tailor was a special gift to me because he came at a time when I was giving up a lot of my dogs and dog activities due to Multiple Sclerosis. He was a Show Dog (think Westminster only not like that level) and while I didn’t particularly like to show in Breed (being an Obedience/Tracking person myself) he was a great opportunity to stay engaged in the sport. Tailor and my friend Brenda of 20 years, allowed me to keep participating in some small way when I wasn’t ready to let go.

Bye buddy. Thank you for giving me the time to learn to let go and for bringing Duke in my life.