There’s an App for that!!!

Guess what nifty thing I found thanks to the advice of others? I found an app that will allow me to talk and it will translate my words into text.  This way I can chat with you hands free. I think this will speed up the healing process since using the keyboard is just not a good thing to do right now. If you are interested in what I’m using it’s called Dragon its here.

During the past couple of weeks I have had lots of time to review things are around here. Projects for instance. I am going to take this one apart. At least somewhat.

I’ve decided I’m going to take the setting triangles away and choose another color. This red is not doing it for me. It needs something with more life!

I started this craft project. It is a Christmas Tree made from book pages. The more detailed directions are located here. You might find this enjoyable. I found this project on Pinterest. It was (psychologically) difficult to cut into a book. It was even more difficult to select a book for the scaffold. (I will just mention this was not the best project for my wrist. I did not think through how to tear apart the book pages.) I just used my hands and started tearing. I should have used a tool to cut the pages out. Ouch. I re-strained my wrist.

I have of course been reading and filing papers and doing all sorts of other things to occupy my time. I actually have come to enjoy my mornings where I find myself writing in my journal regularly.

I made a couple of cards just doodling and little notes sent out to my friends. I also made a great card for my mom but neglected to take a photo of it. It was her birthday and she loved it!

These are some of the patterns I have been looking at for enjoyment.

This one is out of Better Homes and Gardens, quilt-lovers favorites from American Patchwork and Quilting, Volume 10. I thought this is an excellent use of toile.

This one in particular caught my eye because of the use of Kansas Troubles fabric. I have thought I had fallen in love and out of love with this fabric. When  Inklingo came out with the Rose Dream block I immediately fell back in love with my Kansas troubles fabric. Now, seeing the fabric in this setting, I realize I probably never fell out of love with that fabric. It is very much Karen.

There are others of course, other patterns and other things to share. I hope to do so again soon.  I am so glad I was able to take my head out and visit with you with relative ease. I hope this method of conversing does not read on the page as too strange. I am doing everything I can to heal rest my wrist and allow it to heal while simultaneously coping with the fact that I cannot sew. I miss the thread but I am glad to get other things attended to. There is life beyond the sewing room?! I guess.

Thank you so much for your visit and for hanging in with me. Happy fall y’all!!!

Ps: replies are at a minimum here but I will do my best as I am able.

23 thoughts on “There’s an App for that!!!

  1. njquilter24

    oh I like the red (I know your not surprised!!!!!) so have you decided what to use instead? its such a great quilt can’t wait to see more
    Love, love. love that table runner

  2. Dawn

    I hope you are feeling better and on the mend. Looks like you’ve found some great projects to think about. No response necessary – rest and dream of future projects ;-)

  3. Marcie

    Oh that darn wrist! Hope it recovers quickly so you can finish binding that quilt! That is a great table runner pattern and I like the zig zag quilt also. Yes, we still love the same stuff! How funny that you found an app for blogging! The quilt on the top of the page is so great. I love red, but whatever you choose will be great. Are you thinking cheddar? Haha!

  4. Siobhan

    So glad you found a way to stay in touch. Emptying the brain is very important to healing!

    So what are you going to use instead of the Red? Can’t wait to see….

  5. Jo

    I love Dragon – such a clever convenience. Your projects look like fun, as always. Take care of that wrist.

  6. Rose Marie

    Love the new header …. now that is a gorgeous project that I don’t think I’ve seen before from you?!
    Glad that you are able to communicate … it is truly amazing what technology can do these days.
    Take care and enjoy your resting time browsing through patterns.

  7. Ru

    So glad you found a way to communicate. Don’t worry about response. Just good to know you are healing n staying busy. Love the idea of the christmas tree, but would have had the same problem as you, cutting into a book. Take care!

  8. AnnieO

    Isn’t technology wonderful? So glad you can still blog and comment–I appreciate your words and pictures and visits! That book project looks fun. It is really hard not to use your hands–human beings can do very few things without using their hands–even talking :)

    Enjoy your fresh look at everything and revisiting WIPs. I love Kansas Troubles too!

  9. LoriD

    Whenever I try projects like that they never looks like the original. I hope your works for you- its so cute!!
    Love teh red for setting triangles, but I’m sure whatever you choose will be fantastic!

  10. Stephanie D

    We have the Dragon software for Hubby, but he’s never used it. I think he’s forgotten we have it–I know I had, until you mentioned it. Glad to see it really works! Maybe this is a good chance to explore other forms of creativity–like art photos, or geometry, or something else you can browse and feed your subconscious mind for when you can sew again.

  11. Jennifer

    What an interesting project! Like you I would have a lot of trouble cutting into a book……30 years of library work showing here. That software ap is very clever, and good on you for using it.

  12. Jill

    I am finally getting back around to reading blogs, it has been a few very busy months. This quilt is lovely and I love the cheddar background on the previous quilt. I think it works perfect! Hope you are healing, take it easy and don’t over due.

  13. LizA.

    Glad to hear there is some healing, albeit slowly. I do know how frustrating it can be. Love, love, love this talbot runner and I happen to have a couple pieces in my stash that would work perfectly. The Christmas tree is wonderful….might just have to try it–only all our books are packed up and in storage, sigh. Love that zig zag quilt……I think that would be a good use of some of my multitude of scraps–I swear they multiple faster than dust bunnies!

    Be week, my friend.

  14. Darlene

    Oh, I’m so excited that you’ve found an app that will work for you. It’s so wonderful to see a new post from you. :-) Take care of you!

    Please, please don’t fret about replying to comments.

  15. Jackie

    I’m glad you found an App to make things easier while your wrist heals! The blog post read very well, I would have never known you hadn’t typed it out – not strange at all!

    The voile table runner is wonderful! I immediately thought of a Jo Morton toile in red that Cinnamon’s had not to long ago.

  16. imperamagna

    I’m glad you found the Dragon software! I know it will be a blessing for you! Love that zigzag quilt….
    No response/reply necessary…. take care of yourself!!!

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