Spruced Up

Finally got a quilt up.  You house probably has quilts up already, ha?  Well mine didn’t.  Not until yesterday.  What do you think?

I love this one and can’t believe I made it.  Scarlet Begonia by Carrie Nelson – that’s the pattern.  I finished this about 3 + years ago.  The fabrics are Judie Rothermel – Civil War Classics.  Gosh I loved that entire line.  As you can see.  It’s all right there.    Anyway, the quilt is up temporarily.  Company is coming so we’re sprucing up a bit.  We’re.  We are.  Who are WE?  Actually I’ve needed a bit of help to get things in order around here.  The good thing about visitors?  It gets you cleaning up.  Funny to find out there’s a cute house underneath all that clutter.  Clutter bug me.

What about me anyway?  Well I thought I’d better breathe some life into this blog for one thing.  And if the Rapture really happens on Saturday then I really only have 2 days to content with.  What a plan!

31 thoughts on “Spruced Up

  1. floss

    The quilt looks great up. I think I need some company, as there seems to be a lot of clutter at my place at the moment.

  2. libbyQ

    glad to have found you and the quilt on the wall looks great~!
    i always find that looking at a quilt hanging is often quite different then seeing it used on a bed or folded in a cupboard . . . you can really appreciate it in a different way . . . how all of the pretty parts create a beautiful whole.
    TIP: if you get a nice beverage and sit a bit away from it (somewhere comfortable mind you) and sip and stare and sip . . . ah, life is GOOD~!

  3. Rebecca

    Hey there, missed you, but have now found you.
    Love your quilt on the wall, it looks so pretty.
    I agree having company is a great way to get one’s house cleaned. Also visiting someone else makes me run home & clean my house.

  4. quiltdivajulie

    Good to hear from you ~ only glitch I see is that Google Ready displays the name of your new blog as “–” even though your header shows once I arrive at your new place. Very spiffy, m’dear!

    Hugs to you!

  5. Rose Marie

    A quilt on the wall ….. a new blog facelift …. you have been busy!

    You should see my house … there are quilts everywhere and love the look of it. Our home has that homey cottagey look.

    Love your quilt on the wall. When you have certain fabrics that you just love, that is when you wished to have bought more of that line. A few ago, I bought some repro charm packs and used them in my Lover’s Knot top. Everytime I look at that top, I regret not buying a FQ pack.

  6. Karen

    So glad you’re back. The quilt looks wonderful. We’ve got company coming soon and we’ve started sprucing up too. I hope you’ll hang more quilts, this one does look great!

  7. kathie

    your quilt looks beautiful hanging there
    I hope you leave it up
    bet it will make you smile everytime you see it.
    nice to have a clean house isn’t it?
    having company does that to all of us!

  8. Kim

    Hey there…it’s been a while. The quilt looks good hanging there on your wall. Got your new blog address saved. :-D

  9. Karen

    Nice new blog! Have fun with the company. I need to declutter badly myself. Love the quilt on the wall. It is gorgeous!

  10. Karen Beigh

    I found you. What made you move?

    The quilt on the wall looks mighty darn good. And I wonder if I would have a cute house if I cleaned up all the clutter. I may have to try that and find out.

  11. Candace

    Hey – the world didn’t end – or maybe it did and this is what it was all along!! Love your new “home” and the old one, too – the quilts looks just perfect and gorgeous hanging up! Have fun with company!

  12. Janet

    Your blog makeover looks great and isn’t it a lovely feeling to have a tidy up and then relax, glad you had help. You should keep the quilt up, it looks wonderful hanging.

  13. LoriD

    It looks fantastic! it is nice to have company every now and then…we are having a grad party so I’ve been outside picking weeds! Ugh! LOL

  14. QuiltSue

    Good to see you back.

    When you’ve finished tidying/sorting andde-cluttering your house, would you pop over and do mine for me?

  15. quiltobsession

    Your real home and your Internet home seem to have had a lovely facelift!
    The quilt looks beautiful there! A kitty draped nearby just adds to the ambiance!

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