Daily Archives: March 27, 2011

Charming Marks in Quilts

I was just thinking, getting myself awake, and something drifted in my head I wanted to share.  Charm.  Charm drifted in.  I wondered if I might be alone in thinking the occasional little marks in quilts are charming.  The pen marks.  The marks that don’t wash out.  I know that MUST really bother people but not me.  I find that charming.  It’s like a sort of signature or a communication of sorts.  Natural and in the moment.

This isn’t about how to get those marks OUT or how to AVOID marks.  Sometimes when I’m in working hard I end up on the other side of the room – unprepared.  I just use the closest thing.  That’s not always the right tool for the job but I don’t give it a thought.  I grab what I think will suffice and keep going.

I like that part of my quiltmaking process.   It’s about as liberated as I get.  I had to have permission to do this though.  The quilters that came before us said it was okay.  They did it, they used what they had to mark their quilts.   But then, they always say it’s okay, don’t they?

I was going to compare & contrast.  You know – what I find charming vs. what I don’t but that became problematic.  The list of things I really don’t find all that charming woke the inner-critique and who needs that?!  Way to ruin share time.

Do you have anything you find particularly charming in a quilt?  Modern or antique?  What do you think defines charming?


On another note, Hugo has asked that he please be allowed to leave.  I reluctantly agreed.  I thought he was having so much fun but I guess this was the last straw!  

I’ll be packing up his things and shipping him to his next home in another week or so.  He’s sure to have a more relaxing time.  Poor little Hippo.