Daily Archives: March 1, 2011

Carpenters Wheel Block Finished

12″ finished
Click for close up

Carpenters Wheel block is done.  Probably going to do another one.  Hand pieced with my needle and thread long with a couple other things.  (1) The LeMoyne Star Inklingo collection and (2) help from my friend Cathi because success isn’t something we achieve all on our own.

The pile on the left is my Broken Dishes project.  I’ve started sewing those into blocks so this is coming along nicely.  The fabric pile is… well… you know.  It either has to be turned into something or filed back in its proper place.

I’m in my proper place.  Waiting for Hugo to arrive.  :)  And you, you are here which is nice since we’re never alone when we have our friends to keep us company!

Have a sew day, hour, minute or moment.