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Can’t Contain Myself Blocks

Low and behold I have things to show for myself…

One more round on these babies, not yet but one more, and that’ll be the completion of all 48 Cabin Tracks blocks. Why not wait until they were completely finished? Well gosh, I can’t stand it that’s why!!! I’m not sure where my excitement will take me once I make this last lap on these blocks. Of course I have the sashing to do so it’s not like I’m ready to assemble but gosh I’m close. I just can’t contain myself. That’s all!

Belle Meade is in the above picture, too. All those Half-square triangles need to be ironed so I’m taking ’em in 10 at a time but once I get these blocks done you know I’ll look to myself to get a little more than 10 at a time done!!! I just will. I have border work I’d like to do. It’s been on my mind for quite some time. But gosh, sometimes I look at Belle Meade “the pattern” and get pretty darn excited that I’m creating my own version.

There’s always something lovely to work on and create. I am surprised sometimes we get things done. So many pretty delights to make but they don’t all call and say “make me” do they? No, they don’t. That’s the thing. It isn’t just the pretty Quilt. It has to call out and say “make me.” For some people a Quilt has to come from within and say “I need to be created” – that is to say – designed. Whew, not me. You design it and I’ll just do the making part.

You Know You’ll Get Sick So Stock Up!

I was up early and made it out to the grocery store as soon as they opened. That chore done I now have the rest of the day to catch up on a few business oriented items and get situated for tomorrow. Tomorrow is IV day already (again) if you can believe that and prior to the infusion I have a Dr’s appointment. This is getting to be a regular long day but it’s working out for me because it limits the driving back and forth. Mayo is 17 miles one way from my house. I may have complained mentioned this before. I may also have said how odd it was I never considered it in all those 16 years of commuting back and forth to work. I only clocked it recently. Stupid to mention but still it boggles my mind. So anyway, lets hope tomorrow I don’t have to see the mean trashy nurse Nancy who does a crap job putting the line in and I’m not even sorry I said that (they know by the way & I will refuse her but I just don’t want to be in the position for that in the first place) and also, oh, yes, just so Liz is aware – I am drinking tons of water. I refuse to discuss the dizziness. It doesn’t’ exist.

One thing that flipped my lid… Before I left I did see a commercial that told me “You know you’re going to get sick so just stock up now on _____’s Best Flu and Cold Medicine.” When I was at the Grocery Store it almost worked on me. But No, I don’t know and I’m going “all in” for that head game. Dangit. They’re making us sick. Ack!!!!!!!!!!!


Among other things, I spent a good bit of time working on this to keep myself busy and productive. So we get a big payoff. Stacks! Work from Belle Meade ready to be ironed and the first round on the last set of blocks for the Cabin Tracks blocks. The sashing is calling me so I may work on that today.

And I love this quilt from the new Kaffe Fassett book called Quilt Romance.
I’m hoping Lisa and I might start collecting for this one. :) If you’re interested, Janet at Quiltsalott did a great tutorial on a different quilt in this book. You can find that post here.

So now that I’ve shared my stuff, and actually kept mostly everything under lock and seal :) I thank you for visiting and leaving a comment because I do so enjoy those and, well, I bid you farewell and have a lovely day!

I think this is a 2nd rate post and I considered deleting it but… nah. Just get it done.


Now this, this I like. I’m referring to the Olive cornerstones. They work, totally. Thank you Lisaaaa!!! Now, I’ve just figured out something with the sashing.

Light fabric at the start/end of a sashing piece blends into the Olive. There’s no contrast at all. In order to get the touch of contrast with the Olive I prefer a dark fabric. So I’m going to make note here and the balance of my sashing pieces will be created so that the darks are at the start/end of each. Note: I’m not changing the sashing design, simply the color start and end. I have 7 more sets to make then cut from so whether I keep the sets I have or redo 2 of them, it won’t really matter.

I’m pleased as punch to tell you the truth. I’m so happy with this quilt and how its coming along. I enjoyed my visit at the Quilt Shop and oh, no, in case you’re wondering, Rouenneries by French General was not in yet so I’m glad of that. Whew! Got out of there with mere pennies spent and no challenge to my Strong Willpower. hee.

I didn’t fall rearranging these blocks – I was careful. I’m pretty much in that state where I can’t tilt my head back to look up, which works okay because I have not need to look up fast – mostly. hee. It’s not funny to laugh at the MS’er but… well this is kinda sort funny. I went to look up and get the cat food on top of the fridge and whew we spun for a second. Who needs liquor! hee.

Cabin Tracks in Draft ~ ideas?

Hmmm… Not so sure about the cornerstone fabric. I like it but there’s no popping going on. A lot more sashing work to do and one more set of blocks – 13 more to be exact!

I like the lime but I am considering that I need a strong lime. Just shucks on that!!! I really wanted to use this fabric, this specific fabric. I did think about making a 2.5″ hourglass out of scrappy limes though… now there’s a fun idea!

I’m very specific about lime [for the cornerstones] but if you, with your colorful ideas, see something else that might work, I’d welcome the suggestion. I’m working to overcome my Rigid Quilter-self. Red was my 2nd choice but I’m all about Red so I was trying to get away from that Red fixation.

Check me out, trying to overcome so many things! I should overcome my stubbornness about putting blocks high up on the wall w/o help. I got dizzy w/ vertigo & fell over but there was a chair right there to catch me! Whew. There but the Grace of God go I…

French General’s in the Cabin asking for Belle!

Such a delicacy set to arrive any time at the Shop. I am hopeful that Susan and I will be able to share the opening of Rouenneries. We delight in the fabrics with what some might consider reckless abandon! I know. I know. But still, nothing like some fabric play, ha?

Since I might get to head out this week I thought I’d shoot an update of Cabin Tracks. I’m completely addicted to this just like I was with Marcie Patch’s Indian Paintbrush. That was super fun and so is this. I’m still sewing the HST’s for Belle Meade so all is well there. What you see on the board is the final row ready. That will make complete #3 with only set 4 left on Cabin Tracks – I’ve really been workin’ it, ha?! Then the sashing which is lined up on the side there. Yeah for feeling good!

Then Florida had some nice cool weather so the MS’ers came out of their caves *(I heard it said all over town) and played with their dogs.

Duke on a down-stay

Duke completely blowing the retrieve

Sagan and Duke doing things that hurt my back just watching.

I’m a little behind but not too awful bad. I hope to start catching up shortly. Just working to get this set of blocks done. But you know – the weather. Florida is a hot place but we’ve had some nice weather. And I was passionately enjoying that gift. I am often on the hunt for the perfect day and what a fool I’d be for not playing in it with the boys when it arrived. It’s turning hot again but that’s okay. I’m so thankful for the chill we did have.

Gratefully yours with Rouenneries on the mind Love, *karendianne.

Hearing from the Menagerie

Took the boys out yesterday (old photo) for some training time. It was nice and cool outside, perfect whether for the MS’er! Thankfully my first ever bee sting happened at the end of playing Frisbee with Sagan. How did it feel?

Kanga takes up residence since apparently the filing is at a standstill.

All good Parrots get new toys when they have nice friends.

Kismet is looking down at what? My shoes are ugly? I don’t get it! They’re new toys in here and you’re staring at my shoes.

Oh Kizzy, are you all whooped up and wild, coming at the new yellow toy from underneath to attack?

Screaming and excited Amazon parrots are not safe for fingers and hands… Stand back! Screaming Karen’s are like a dance partner for this Parrot.

Kismet: OH My GOD! Get Off!, Get Off! Get Off! Get Off!

Karen: Is that what you said Kizzy? It is? Woooow! I know I can’t believe YOU said that. I’m Busy! Very Busy!


Karen: What? Hello Your Majesty. Grrrr…. Arrrghhh…. Grrr….

(“Hello Your Majesty” is a new one I’m teaching her but I have to bow down at the same time. It’s a trick. Funny but hasn’t quite caught on yet…)

Who knows what was said here but I know she was really getting into it and pulling her toys around and watching them swing around violently while screaming words.

And now she’s down to attacking and seriously biting a toy to take out her extreme Parrotness!

That’s a Parrot’s Nature. They’re happy doing these things. Not all Parrots. Just some of them. For example, Katie the Eclectus at the top, she would not consider this! And me? I’m just a nut that enjoys this sort of fun.

Not everything is Quilty at LeeHaven I reckon…

Testing Blocks by my Calculations

I’m down to the final layout of fabrics. As you can imagine it took some card shuffling to get things to match up. There’s a whole stack of completed HST’s back there but it’s a never mind at this point. Since I had the bundle of fabric I was forced into combo’s I wouldn’t have otherwise used but whatever on that. It’s just a quilt, right? And plus, there’s a lot of “She sits and sews” time here.

I used my brain so much there was smoke coming out of my ears! I’m hoping it enhances the pathways in my brain and helps like juggling does. Seriously though I needed to map this one out. I set up the pattern in EQ, printed it out and planned which direction the HST’s would be pressed while watching Pride and Prejudice last night. I’ll go back and check my cartography a couple times before I’m finished I’m sure but I tested my pattern pressing map with my test blocks [below] and it worked. (I had to set up the pattern in EQ because I didn’t want to write all over my pretty clean pattern diagram that came with the whole entire pattern booklet thingy.)

If you’re familiar with the structure of this block you’re aware the half square triangles have a 2 short sides and 2 long sides attached last. With the tests I pressed the “long sides” of the blocks but I’ll leave that until the end from here on out so I can get the snap into place. Anyway, I think we’re asking a little too much of my brain to map out the directional pressing for the 2 long sides – later.

Bad enough with all this I caught myself doing math in my head which I never do. I’m not a calculator. But I’m not a fool and I’m darn thankful my self was up for a little mental gymnastics. Sometimes I get intimidated by the prep work, the thinking. I just want to dive in. I’m not a diver. Well, actually we have this all backwards because a calculator would have some real facts on her side and diver would be risky.

I’m definitely not a risk taker. And now you’re wondering… “How did we end up here?”